Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon)

In the night sky on April 15, 2014, there was a Total Lunar Eclipse. A Blood Moon. Shey and I stayed up until 2AM just to see it.



A Lunar Eclipse is described here:

Although the Moon is a dark object, it can be seen in the sky most of the time because its surface reflects the Sun’s rays back to Earth. During a total lunar eclipse, the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, so no direct sunlight gets through to the Moon and its entire visible surface is enveloped in the darkest, central part of the Earth’s shadow – the umbra….The Moon is still visible in the night sky during totality. Although the Earth blocks all direct sunlight from the Moon’s surface, some rays find their way onto the Moon via the Earth’s atmosphere. Parts of the sunlight’s spectrum are blocked or filtered out during this process, red being the remaining frequency under normal circumstances. This accounts for the usual appearance of a totally eclipsed Moon as a copper-red orb.

Whenever you have a Total Lunar Eclipse, you get a Blood Moon


A little bit of Moon Folklore:

There is the legend of the Moon Maiden who collects the wishes and dreams of all living creatures on earth, they are then dropped into a goblet and swirled together before they are sprinkled back on Earth and become dew. The German goddess Frigg is said to live on the Moon spinning the lives of mankind, while the Chinese goddess Ch’ang O stole the potion of immortality from her husband. She drank every drop and flew to the Moon to escape, she now lives there contentedly after being given refuge by the hare who resides on the Moon.


About EagleAye

I like looking at the serious subjects in the news and seeking the lighter side of the issue. I love satire and spoofs. I see the ridiculous side of things all the time, and my goal is to share that light-hearted view.
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13 Responses to Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon)

  1. Great job!! I stayed up till 1:00 am in Southern Cal. However, it’s so much harder to photograph a bloody moon than a full moon in my case. I can’t do manual focus on my camera screen without increase the shutter speed up and ISO up. As a result, I got myself a fuzzy orange moon. What’s the setting of your last gorgeous shot?


    • EagleAye says:

      Thank you! Yes it is harder because it isn’t as luminous. The trick is a slow shutter speed. My ISO was at 4000 or maybe 3200, F-stop 5.6 (as low as my cam would go), and shutter was 1/15. So with such a slow shutter I had to remain very still. My previous cam couldn’t have made that shot. Max ISO was 2000. Thanks much for writing in! 🙂


      • Thanks much for sharing!! I did a full moon with 1/320 and f5.6 with ISO 200 or 400, on tripod of course. But I was manual focusing to x5. During a lunar eclipse, I can’t manual focus on my cam with anything faster than 1″. So my photos came out as a mess. I am waiting for October to try your setting. I have copied and saved it. 🙂


  2. Interesting information. I read that the blood color came from the Mars eclipsing the sun. But anyhoo, good photo’s. I’m in Brooklyn, NY in a area with tall building. I would have to walk two blocks to get a view and that time of night in Brooklyn just to see a moon. I may get a one way ticket.


    • EagleAye says:

      Totally understand that. Especially if you’re walking around with a halfway decent camera, that’s just asking for trouble. Better to be safe and indoors. Well, I’m glad you stopped in to have look. I always enjoy your visits.


  3. Lyn says:

    Missed out on seeing it here in Oz because of heavy cloud cover 😦


  4. Indira says:

    Interesting folklore.


  5. Shey says:

    Great shots and love the moon folklore too.


  6. tedstrutz says:

    Nice shots, Eric… it was cloudy here, so now I got a chance to see it!


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