Extraordinary Love – The Speakeasy

Extraordinary Love

When I was fifteen, a gypsy brushed against me as I wandered through a carnival. She gasped and spun around. “Christos Constantinides!” She pointed a ring-covered finger at me. “You will one day be blessed with Extraordinary Love!” She stared at me with bulging eyes. “Visit my tent later. I charge you nothing. I tell you more then.”

Yeah, right. I knew a setup when I saw it. I don’t know how she knew my name, but it gave me the creeps. I never did visit her tent. Nine years later, I wished I had.

It was early morning as I walked along Shoreline Boulevard. I saw a figure approaching in the distance. Finally, she stopped in front of me. She was a goddess.

I’m not kidding.

She was a real, goddess. You may have heard of her. Does Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love sound familiar? Well, there she was right there, and she was “in” to me. She couldn’t keep her hands off. Guess what Aphrodite likes to do…a LOT. Yeah, lucky me. Even luckier that she knows CPR. Can a guy have heart attack at 24? Yeah, if he’s a mere mortal and THE Venus is screwing his brains out over and over. I wasn’t complaining. Her beauty is indescribable, superhuman. I’m just an average-looking guy, I swear. My folks used to claim we’re related to the Gods, but then every Greek family I know claims that. Maybe they were right?

At the young age of 24, with a superhuman beauty fawning all over me, I wasn’t asking too many questions, you know? Maybe that gypsy wasn’t just playing me after all. This had to be Extraordinary Love

Three weeks, and six more heart attacks later, things got even more interesting. When you’re dating a goddess, you attract even more goddesses. I had dalliances with Hestia and Hebe. Whenever Aphrodite was busy, they kept me busy.

One day, I thought I was dead. Aphrodite confronted me about Hestia and Hebe. The clouds shifted, casting an ominous shadow on the ground. I sighed with relief, waiting for the killing blow. At last I could rest, but she took pity for my mortal weaknesses. Instead, she gave me an amulet, saying, “Rub this whenever any goddess beguiles you. This way, you will remain true to me.”

To be honest, I was kinda disappointed. I thought we were breaking up. Is that crazy? I had long since figured that gypsy from years ago was right. This was indeed an Extraordinary Love. Still…somehow…I wasn’t feeling it. I mean when your date forces otherwise devoted couples to have “affairs” right in the middle of a restaurant just for kicks, well, it isn’t so endearing. Her backhanded compliments like, “Oh you pitiful mortal, you’re so cute,” got old as the months wore on. Almost dying twice a week from cardiac arrest was no charmer either. Aphrodite may have been the Goddess of Love, but not the Goddess of In-Love. Maybe the gypsy was wrong?

That’s when I met Esme. She worked in a pet shop when I saw her playing with the puppies in the display. We locked eyes, and my knees turned to mush. She wasn’t a goddess. She had a little trouble with acne, and one eye was bigger than the other. She was knock-kneed, and had a couple scars on her legs. The way she adored those puppies, I could tell her heart was bigger and warmer than the sun.

She was perfect.

I fell in love with her right then and there. Luckily, she felt the same about me. While Aphrodite was off doing whatever, we spent every second together. Our love grew and grew until I couldn’t imagine life without Esme.

And then Aphrodite found out about her.

“Give up this mortal toy of yours. Come to me,” she said. Her eyes flashed with that love spell she cast so often, but this time I was ready for her. I rubbed the amulet she gave me. She no longer had an effect on me. I figured she’d kill me in a rage, but if I couldn’t be with Esme, I didn’t want to live anyway.

Aphrodite didn’t kill me after all. She just faded out with a tear.

With a smile, I began my future with with the woman I truly loved. I don’t want to seem ungrateful to Aphrodite, but I wanted an Extraordinary Love, and that’s what I found with Esme. Seems that old gypsy was right after all.
Okies, I just got minutes to get this one in on time. I wrote this for the Speakeasy writing prompt where a whole batch of great writers join to compete each week. This week’s sentence prompt is, β€œThe clouds shifted, casting an ominous shadow on the ground,” and it can be located anywhere in the story. I hope you enjoyed. Here’s this week’s prompt for viewing: http://www.yeahwrite.me/speakeasy/fiction-challenge-161-open/


About EagleAye

I like looking at the serious subjects in the news and seeking the lighter side of the issue. I love satire and spoofs. I see the ridiculous side of things all the time, and my goal is to share that light-hearted view.
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30 Responses to Extraordinary Love – The Speakeasy

  1. pattisj says:

    LOVED it. Must have been the gypsy.


  2. Lyn says:

    I so love a happy ending and this one filled its obligation πŸ™‚
    Aphrodite can go and drown herself in her fountain on Skopelos and Hestia can start her own bra company LOL Three cheers for Esme!


    • EagleAye says:

      Haha! I understand Hestia has replaced Martha Stewart on the airwaves. Esme, with all her imperfections, turned out to be more perfect than the goddesses. Hip hip hooray! Glad you enjoyed the happy ending. Thanks so much for the kind words, Lyn!


  3. Bastet says:

    Loved the story…and what a wonderful ending!


  4. This is fantastic! I’d rather have extraordinary love with a mortal than routine heart attacks with a god, too. I wonder what advice the gypsy would have given him?


    • EagleAye says:

      Wow, thank you, Mollie. I think I’m blushing from the complimentary words. Yeah, Aphrodite, goddess though she was, just wasn’t his type. Esme was perfect for him even with all her mortal foibles. I think the gypsy would have said, “Don’t be misdirected by godlike perfection. Seek out instead, the perfection of a perfect match!”


  5. Kathy Combs says:

    Cool story! Loved the endingβ™₯


  6. Indira says:

    Nice ending with a good message.


  7. Suzanne says:

    Hahaha! Great story! That’s the funny thing about love, isn’t it? It’s always extraordinary when it happens to you. πŸ™‚


    • EagleAye says:

      Glad you liked it Suzanne! It’s the perfect fit, no matter how im-perfect two people are, that make extraordinary love. Gods and goddesses aren’t necessarily required. Luckily, Christos worked that out…and survived the heart attacks long enough to realize it. πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for the kind words. πŸ™‚


  8. atrm61 says:

    Loved this romantic story with dollops of humour and mythology thrown in πŸ˜€ Aphrodite should have known better -mortal toys are much more fun-no heart attacks even πŸ˜‰


  9. jannatwrites says:

    I always look forward to seeing what your imagination conjures up for these challenges (no lie!) The gypsy’s words became a self-fulfilling prophecy for him. I think no matter who he loved, he would’ve remembered her words and just knew that was “it.” I expected the breakup with the goddess to be much worse… I hope she doesn’t have a vengeful heart or those two will surely find trouble down the road… you know, with those affairs in restaurants and such πŸ™‚


    • EagleAye says:

      Thanks Janna! Wow, I love hearing that. I hope I can always offer something interesting and new. I think the gypsy’s words were always in the back of his mind, wondering, is this it, is this it? The relationship with Aphrodite would seem like the obvious Extraordinary Love. Who gets to be with a goddess these days? Ironically, she wasn’t his Extraordinary Love after all. She was something of a wild-goose chase. The obvious answer, but the incorrect one. Who knows what she might do in the future? She might indeed do something, unpalatable, in a later restaurant. Christos should probably keep that amulet handy. Thanks so much for the visit, and sharing your thoughts and views. I treasure them! πŸ™‚


  10. saroful says:

    I loved your personifications of the gods…


  11. EditMoi says:

    One guy, so many goddesses…what’s not to love? Awesome writing as usual.


    • EagleAye says:

      Thank you! The poor guy was getting pretty tired out from all the goddesses. It sounds like a great idea until you’re actually there. πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for the visit!


  12. Silverleaf says:

    This was charming and amusing – and creative as always! I just threw my son a very elaborate, very involved Greek hero birthday party (quests, shield making, sword fighting, the works) after reading all the Percy Jackson books with him AND listening to all the mythology research he’s done, so I feel like I know these characters already – well portrayed!


    • EagleAye says:

      How cool! You really rock to throw party like that. I own all the Percy Jackson series. Couldn’t get enough of it. I almost included Iris as one of the goddesses. You may remember her from the Percy Jackson stories. Tell your son you know another fan of the Greek myths. My wife also. Thanks so much for the compliments and for stopping to visit!


  13. A.D. Everard says:

    This is wonderful. I read it through with a big smile on my face. I love Esme. πŸ™‚


    • EagleAye says:

      So cool. Big smiles are what I wanted folks to get from the story. Esme is quite beautiful and wonderful. I had more to say about her but I ran out of words at the word limit. As long as you got the idea, I’m happy. Thanks so much for stopping in!


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