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Taking A Breather

Hey Folks. Just writing to let you know I’m taking a brief breather. I’m pursuing other hobbies with great vigor for a moment, and letting my literary neurons recharge. I’ll be back at it again very soon. Probably next week. … Continue reading

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Red Button Syndrome – Chimera 66

Red Button Syndrome “That’s perty!” said the carnival-goer. “Careful!” said Bolizaar the Magician. “That’s a magic kaleidoscope. Looking into it traps you inside.” The carnival-goer looked anyway. “Wow! There’s folks in here. They’s all screamin’ an…” *poof* “Boss!” called Patoo … Continue reading

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Tuba Players – Friday Fictioneers

Tuba Players “Oh, the boys in the band are so dreamy!” said Natty. She smiled as the band played in the park’s gazebo. Betty grinned too. “You have a favorite?” Natty rubbed a locket at her neck. “Mmm. The sax … Continue reading

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Collateral Damage – Gargleblaster Microstories #206

Captain Leighton called his home. “Sir. A cruise missile fired accidentally.” General Hartlow scowled, “So. Reprimand the pilot.” “But sir…” “What now?” “The people are…” “It’s called Collateral Damage, son.” “Sir! It’s targeting your home!” said Leighton, and the line … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

This week’s photo challenge is: Fresh. I think most people think about fresh flowers or fruit with beads of water on it. I’m more of a savory lover. I like fresh food hot off the grill. I think my pics … Continue reading

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Wild Bird Wednesday: Dark-Eyed Junco

After moving to the area, I was told Dark-Eyed Juncos are common here. I grew up seeing them every winter, but hadn’t seen one in decades. I was excited to see them again. Years passed and not one sighting! Finally … Continue reading

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Breast Stroke – Mondays Finish the Story

Breast Stroke When the team heard the dam explode, they knew they had limited time to make it to safety. In moments, they stood on shore. “Folks,” said Tour Captain Monticello. “On behalf of Temporal Adventure Tours, I apologize. Seems … Continue reading

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