The Sign – Sunday Photo Fiction

Photo by: Alistair Forbes

The Sign

Jason was tired and feeling down as he approached the front door under dark clouds. It was Mother’s Day and he knew his wife would be more upset than usual. As he reached for the door handle. Mayatinala opened it. She stood there with bedraggled dark hair and unattended food stains on her day robe.

Jason braced himself for the sobs. Instead, she took his hand. “It’s Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s a good sign.”

Jason sighed. “Oh Hun. I’m tired!”

“C’mon. Do your husbandly duty.”

“It’s been a long day.”

Mayatinala opend her robe, revealing two pairs of impressively endowed breasts.

“Maya! The door’s still open.” Jason peeked out the door and saw no one. He closed it hurriedly. As far as they knew, none of their neighbors realized she was an alien. Jason wanted to keep it that way as long as possible. He looked back at her lascivious smile as she wantonly displaying her charms. She knew how to inspire him. “Well, let me get my tie off first!”

Aliens had been on Earth for 30 years. For the most part, the novelty had worn off. The alien Biyonmaeide had even become citizens of many countries. They looked nearly identical to humans except for a few details that could easily be hidden. Humans and Biyonmaeide were so close genetically, they could produce viable offspring, but it was often difficult.

Mayatinala had turned 36, and just like a Human woman of the same age, her biological clock was ticking. Motherhood was a powerful drive for both species, but especially so for Biyonmaeide. In their society, women took turns caring for groups of other women’s children. Thus, an extra set of breasts. In fact, having many children around was critical to the healthy psyche of a Biyonmaeide female.

Having no children at all was slowly ripping apart Mayatinala’s mind.

They sought help, but many doctors openly opposed Human/Biyonmaeide unions. The fertility doctors they found helped little. Then one day, they found a gypsy on the beach boardwalk. She said this:

You must look for the sign arcing above. You may conceive then, but you must be quick!

Biyonmaeide had gypsies of their own, and they took them very seriously. The first time Mayatinala saw a shooting star, she hurled Jason to the ground and leaped upon him. Over the years, Jason began developing an erection whenever he saw a shooting star.

One time, at the tourist attraction at Pier 93, they saw two seagulls collide in the sky. The stunned animals arced into the ocean before the cold water revived them. Mayatinala yanked Jason into an alcove and lifted her skirt.


“Yes, now!”

“But there’s people…”


Over the years, they’d received 12 police warnings, 3 misdemeanor indecency charges, and 7 obnoxious people offering pointers.

One night, as they sat outside waiting for shooting stars, Mayatinala wiped away a fresh set of tears.

“You never know,” soothed Jason. “You might be pregnant this very moment. Sometimes you don’t realize it for weeks.”

Mayatinala shook her head. “When a Biyonmaeide woman’s egg is fertilized, her belly glows for a few hours.” Tears burst forth. “I’ve never known the Glow of Invaysidae!”

It was Mother’s Day years later when Jason rolled away from her on the bed. Rain had created a backbeat as they enjoyed their best sex in years. Still breathing hard, he idly looked out the window. The sight out there jolted him. “Maya. A rainbow!” He turned to her quickly. “That’s the sign!”

Mayatinala just shook her head and smiled beatifically. In the soft green light of a Spring rain, her belly glowed.
Happy Mother’s Day! Each week, Photographer Alistair Forbes offers a photo as a writing prompt. This is my story celebrating Mother’s Day. Look here for more stories:


About EagleAye

I like looking at the serious subjects in the news and seeking the lighter side of the issue. I love satire and spoofs. I see the ridiculous side of things all the time, and my goal is to share that light-hearted view.
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8 Responses to The Sign – Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. pricelessjoy says:

    AAahh I am so glad her belly glowed! This story was so imaginative, creative and wonderful! I loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. luckyjc007 says:

    Beautifully written…..I enjoyed reading it. The sign of the rainbow will probably always be her favorite.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shey says:

    Awww, great story for mother’s day. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. phylor says:

    What a perfect sign — and should mean great sex for Jason every time the sun creates a rainbow. 😉 And for Mayatinala, every rainbow day is Mother’s Day — great story!

    Liked by 1 person

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