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Face-Palming – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Face-Palming It was the first beautiful day after a long, hard winter. Park managers placed red umbrellas out beside the picnic areas. The park trees opened red blossoms. People flocked to Basco Park to enjoy the sun and some barbeque. … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

This time at the weekly photo challenge, we’re looking for our own muse. That one particular thing inspires us over and over again. Well, in this case I think I am blessed with many muses. In fact you could put … Continue reading

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The Cruel Con – Mondays Finish the Story

The Cruel Con The Mayor and the town manager waved as their next victim approached. Stan the salesman pulled up beside them. “Gentlemen,” he said. “It’s been a long drive and I’m exhausted. I need a motel to sleep at. … Continue reading

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The Tiny Savior – Sunday Photo Fiction

The Tiny Savior Marcus didn’t believe in old lore as much as his wife. Even so, he didn’t mind making the occasional run to the alternative medicine shop. It was interesting with all its curious oddments. While he browsed, his … Continue reading

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Spitball Pitcher – Shapeshifting 13

Spitball Pitcher The ball flew in at 111mph. No baseball was ever pitched faster. Tully, the Major League scout, gaped. Coach Hardy said, “Great spitball, eh?” “He’s a mutant?” said Tully. “Yeah, so?” Tully grimaced. “But he’s pitching with his … Continue reading

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Cee’s Fun Foto: Three Things

This week at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge we’re looking for three things, or the number three. Since Shey and I are often birdwatching, guess what the subject of my pics are. Here’s my pics for this week’s challenge… Barn Swallows … Continue reading

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Failed Security Measures – Friday Fictioneers

Photo by: Kent Bonham Failed Security Measures Romania seemed strange to Jan and Jerry. At the bakery, the proprietor insisted that Jan and Jerry should sample his garlic and feta poppers. At the shoe store, they insisted that customers try … Continue reading

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Suspect, Never Located – Gargleblaster Microstories #219

“Why rob a zoo?” said Roger, tied up as police sirens approached. “Shut up!” warned the robber. “Where does that door lead?” “Oh, the police would never look for you there, because…” The robber dashed through. “…It leads to the … Continue reading

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The Diplomatic War – Super-Short Mega Story

The Diplomatic War The blue clouds in the sky flashed orange as another ship blew up. Neil’s hand shook as he brought the beer to his lips. “What was that?” he asked. Sitting beside him in the other lawn chair, … Continue reading

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The Sound – Mondays Finish the Story

The Sound “Hey boys, how ’bout y’all makin’ yer Ma some wind chimes?” called Joshua. “Yessum, Pa!” answered Joshua’s three boys. All three of ’em were scratchin’ to beat the band. Everybody was. The dang mosquitoes was out in force … Continue reading

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