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Hannah And Us

Hannah is getting bigger all the time and more and more of her personality is coming out. We’re constantly learning new ways to entertain her and help her grow. Her she is with us. Mommy is such a comfort. Mommy … Continue reading

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In My Head

Detective Winter couldn’t believe the transition. In the previous video, Martina Jones was a smiling, happy fifteen-year old. A leader of her peers, she led with compassion and positive encouragement. Her bright smile could light a city. In the next … Continue reading

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Superior Employment

The dwarf opened the door. Draduc looked inside. A stunning woman lounged at a simple, candlelit table. She was exquisite. Draduc grinned. “How long have you worked for me, Maxwell?” “One week, Master,” said the dwarf. Draduc patted his head. … Continue reading

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Mixed Feelings

Leonard and Suzanne looked down at the half-submerged machine at the edge of the lake. Suzanne said, “Isn’t it amazing?” Leonard scowled. “It’s in seriously muddy water. The engine is ruined.” “Oh come now. Perry worked hard on it. You … Continue reading

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A Curious Encounter

The plain woman held a strange watch. A tiny hand emerged. It styled her hair and makeup. Suddenly, she looked glamorous. “Cool watch!” exclaimed Sonia. She grinned. “Got it at Macys.” “The one downtown?” Her third eye opened. “The one … Continue reading

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The Dumb Monster

New Zealand was rocked when live footage of the monster aired on television. It emerged from a hot spring at Rotokawa north of Lake Taupo. Hundreds of tentacles, each as big around as a man, propelled an eel-like body out … Continue reading

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Doing A Body Good

I watched the vulture looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured. I would die as I lay broken in the desert of Arizona. The medical nanites in me, that I invented, could insure I … Continue reading

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