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The Best Day

Warren leaned on his cane as he brought his teen-aged daughter to the spot. “It was the best day of my life.” He smiled wistfully. “What happened?” said Evette. Warren pointed to the street drain. “I dropped my paycheck down … Continue reading

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A Poor Choice Of Words

“I can’t believe you told the Butcher’s Union that,” shuddered re-election director Fitzgerald. Councilman Winton sighed. “I only said they’ll get their pound of flesh.” Outside, hundreds of butchers sharpened their knives. Fitzgerald winced. “I think they want more than … Continue reading

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Modern Life

The DC-3 cargo/passenger plane wasn’t that unusual. Some still flew even in 2015, long after the first one took off in 1935. It’s sudden arrival over the airport was a surprise, but what shocked onlookers was its arrival from a … Continue reading

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The Honest Distraction

Dexter wasn’t only a thief, he was an intellectual. It was a prime reason why he’d never been caught. His successes and his fascination with tech made him a highly sought after “acquisitions expert” in industrial espionage. For these reasons … Continue reading

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Two Feelings about the Paris Attacks

I have mixed feelings about the attacks on Paris yesterday. First, I feel awful for the families of the victims. My heartfelt condolences and support go out to them. I hope that French security forces will successfully stop any follow … Continue reading

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The 13th Mistake

“She meant nothing!” blubbered Norman, struggling against the ropes. “And the other twelve?” said Felicity. She brandished a cleaver. “Your fickle, cheating head is destroying our marriage.” “You’re decapitating me?” Felicity smiled sweetly. “Oh, I’m not removing that head.” _________________________________ … Continue reading

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Cee’s Fun Foto: Anything Painted

This week at Cee’s Fun Foto, we’re looking for anything painted. Here are my offerings for the week. Look here to see the fabulous pics of other photographers joining in for the week:

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