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A Brief Blogging Break

I’m taking a brief blogging break. With the holidays, a new little girl, and too many time-intensive hobbies, something has to give. I don’t want it to be me. For the time being here’s a pic I wanted to post … Continue reading

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Hannah’s First Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Today is Hannah’s first Christmas, and she made out like a bandit. She did her part by being extremely cute. Shey and I are both pretty tired just now, but we’re still having fun. I’m cooking a … Continue reading

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The Bad Kitty

When Santa Claus arrived at the Wilson’s, he frowned. There was no milk & cookies on the table. Only a cat and the expected note. The note read: Dear Santa, Please accept this talking cat. He’s quite resourceful. Two weeks … Continue reading

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Re-Gifting – Gargleblaster Microstories #245

“Ooh, sexy nightie,” cooed Milly. She sniffed at it. “Nils? Has this been worn?” Nils said dreamily, “Well, your sister tried it first.” “What?” “It fell off in just a couple minutes.” And that was the last time anyone saw … Continue reading

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Competitive Gift-Giving

It was bad enough that aliens were invading. It was worse that the battle raged on until Christmas Day. Human and alien blood ran in a nearby stream. Weary Human troops at the edge of the battlefield were low on … Continue reading

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The Lie

Eight-year old Jaimey sulked. Her mother, Deanna gave her a gentle nudge. “Go on. He’s waiting,” she encouraged. “Why Mom?” groaned Jaimey. “It’s just a guy in a costume.” Deanna readied her camera. “Oh stop being a party-pooper. Go!” Dutifully, … Continue reading

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A Difficult Customer

Becky the diner trainee stared at the storm cloud over the coffee cup. Gina the waitress explained, “That happens to whatever makes Jones mad.” “So…?” “The coffee is bitter.” Joe the owner handed Gina a lightning-proof coat. Becky stared at … Continue reading

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