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The Reversal

Mr. Liang’s Curio Shop had rested there on Canal St. for decades. It had featured in famous photos of the city and on numerous touristy postcards. But times had changed and business was conducted via the internet. Fewer people stopped … Continue reading

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Exchange Student

Originally posted on Momus News:
Written for the Friday Fictioneers. A story, about a strange exchange student, begins after the photo. Genre: Science Fiction/Humor Photo by: Douglas M. MacIlroy Exchange Student Natalie was concerned about the exchange student. His papers…

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The Waste

She had named herself, Bri’Nata, and she was half again larger than the meter-long Coconut Crabs. Only four times in Earth’s history had a creature’s mutations been so complete, so astoundingly beneficial. Bri’Nata had four equally-capable sisters. If you could … Continue reading

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The Horse Spy

Atticus Caravaggio couldn’t believe his eyes. What happened at the edge of the Wild Horse herd shouldn’t be possible. Moving as silently as possible within his hastily-constructed hide, he reviewed the film. He hadn’t hallucinated after all. He turned another … Continue reading

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Penniless But…

History is full of brilliant minds who died penniless. Galileo and Poe are two of them. Norton Curry is another. Norton and wife Enid lived childless in an old stone mill in Virginia. Curry attempted to invent a skin creme. … Continue reading

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