Taking A Break, But I’ll Be Back

Hey Folks,

Thanks for stopping by occasionally and checking in. I appreciate that a lot.

I haven’t been writing much lately because I’m just taking a break. I thought when Hannah got a little older she would be more independent and that would let me write more easily. Actually, she is more independent, but that only means she gets into trouble faster than ever before. Yikers!

Shey and I bought a house, and we’re thrilled. The day of the move it was 106 degrees (F) out. Just taking a small box downstairs was exhausting. We’re all moved now. Lots of our time is taken up with unpacking and organizing. I mowed the lawn for the first time in decades. So that’s where I’ve been. Not to worry. My writing fingers are starting to get twitchy.

Meanwhile, Hannah is still our favorite photography subject. Here’s some pics from our latest picnic with Filipino friends.



Filipinos know how to eat.




About EagleAye

I like looking at the serious subjects in the news and seeking the lighter side of the issue. I love satire and spoofs. I see the ridiculous side of things all the time, and my goal is to share that light-hearted view.
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14 Responses to Taking A Break, But I’ll Be Back

  1. juliemac says:

    she is your BEST subject!!!<3<3

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  2. jenlewis0121 says:

    Your little girl is darling! I’m quite sure Momma and Pappa agree. (it’s good to take a break once-in-a-while and ‘reset’ your brain. Get those “twitchy fingers” going again.) We miss you!



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    • EagleAye says:

      Hehe. We think she’s the cutest ever. Then again, I imagine all parents think their child is the cutest. I’m warming up these finger bones. Stay tuned. Thanks so much! 🙂


  3. Lyn says:

    My goodness! Look how she’s grown!!! Wasn’t she just a baby yesterday? 😀
    Great news about the house; that’s one of the joys and lol biggest stresses in life.

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    • EagleAye says:

      It really is true. There’s so much to do here. Shey and I are chilling just now and recharging our batteries. Getting ready to take a walk in the new neighborhood. Hannah is walking (and running) around now – even if she has a bottle in her mouth. She makes us smile every day. Thanks Lyn! Cheers! 🙂

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  4. Shannon says:

    It’s so cool of you to share these shots of unbridled joy and beauty; your ladies are radiant 🙂 Enjoy your break, and I look forward to some ridiculous fiction sometime in the near future!

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  5. List of X says:

    That sounds very similar to what I’m going through, except it was only in the 70’s on the move day :), and I ended up writing no posts for almost 4 months.
    But I’m trying to get back to it, so hoping to see you back too.
    By the way, mowing the lawn is a great time to think and write. 🙂

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  6. Oh my gosh, she is ADORABLE!! Congratulations on your new home!

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  7. luckyjc007 says:

    Thanks for sharing the photos…she is adorable and has really grown a lot. I understand how involved moving is and caring for a child as well. Wishing you and you’re family lots of joy and looking forward to your writings. 🙂

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