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Ghost Nursing Home

Brian looked around the Common Room. “That’s an unusual chess set,” he said. Instead of black and white, the chess set’s pieces were frosted glass and clear glass. Yves, the nursing home director said, “Yeah, ghosts prefer it that way.” … Continue reading

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Suicide Note

Researchers found Professor Taube’s hut in the Bolivian jungle years after his apparent suicide. The skeleton still held the shotgun used. Upon his desk, overgrown with vines, they found a suicide note. It read: My efforts to increase the intelligence … Continue reading

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Advanced Technology

It often happens that more advanced cultures negatively impact less advanced ones. For instance, the introduction of Europeans in North America nearly destroyed the indigenous peoples. So it was when Elves first encountered Humans. From them, Humanity learned to construct … Continue reading

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Latest Hannah Pics

My daughter Hannah is far more comfortable with getting her picture taken now. She even poses sometimes. Perhaps it’s the relentless picture-taking of her parents that finally got her used to it. I’m pretty sure her quirky sense of humor … Continue reading

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The Mixup

The airport’s new statue was getting a lot of attention. The bronze of a couple enthusiastically greeting each other looked realistic and heartwarming. An elderly woman paused to admire it. “Isn’t that lovely?” she murmured. “Oh so sweet!” smiled a … Continue reading

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What’s Good

Mark and Cindy were visiting the Philippines for the first time. As they walked along the waterfront of Cebu City, Mark complained, “Can’t we just get a hamburger?” “Honey,” sighed Cindy. “We should at least try the native food!” “How … Continue reading

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