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The Terror

“OMG,” said Brittany. “Her butt is so big!” Though new to the school, Brittany’s looks ensured she was popular, and she used that popularity like a terror weapon. “Don’t talk about Angie’s butt,” hissed the girls around her. “It’s not … Continue reading

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That Time of the Century

The gargantuan dragon had proven impervious to human weapons and still demanded a virgin. General Cavendish saluted fifteen-year old Genevieve Holder with a tear. “Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.” Genevieve shook with fear, but bravely entered the cave entrance. … Continue reading

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A Fine Vintage

Gargoyles on a synagogue were unusual, but Rabbi Ibrahim liked them, and joking about it with Father Augustus was fun. While people prayed inside, a man with a twisted mind and a black heart approached the synagogue with a heavy … Continue reading

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