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The State Secret

Senator Hayworth was unknown for impulsiveness. During a state visit in Bulgaria, he pointed to a flower-like fountain. “What’s that?” “A gift from the aliens,” said Frank, Chief Advisor. Natalie, the Deputy Advisor, said, “It’s an alien/worm hybrid. Only once … Continue reading

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Diverse Thinking in the Time of Coronavirus

In the time of Coronavirus, Americans are doing a great job…of frustrating the heck out of each other. Not only because we’re cooped up in the house with each other more than usual, but because we think and act so … Continue reading

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Battle of the Bands

Inside an invisible alien ship, General Fan’Alba looked down on the human music festival. He turned to his primary commander, Rab’Kalla. “Stop worrying. We’ve defeated one-hundred alien worlds. Music is critical to us and the center of our strength. In … Continue reading

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Know Thy God

An enormous sea monster emerged from the waters of a Pacific island. Tourists fell over each other, running everywhere, screaming. Chaos ensued. Locals just calmly stepped out of the way. The forty-foot beast shambled through the market. It reached out … Continue reading

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The Unhelpful Help

Brent glared at the metal box in the weeds. “I don’t understand. The DNA sniffer is reporting aliens nearby, but there’s only us.” Beside him, his lab help, Devin, shook his head. “So many failures. Time for the Mark XXXIX?” … Continue reading

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Details make It Interesting

Online, I’ve found myself in many debates with other writers about technical details versus character development. When I’m listening (reading actually) to someone’s argument that a story lacking the human element is no story at all, I find I must … Continue reading

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