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I like looking at the serious subjects in the news and seeking the lighter side of the issue. I love satire and spoofs. I see the ridiculous side of things all the time, and my goal is to share that light-hearted view.

Critical Equipment

Jennylyn found the package outside the lab. She brought it in, wondering what it was. Professor Blumquist was elated. “At last! The very thing I need to combat this pandemic,” said Blumquist. As the new lab assistant, Jennylyn still wasn’t … Continue reading

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Seize The High Ground

Hey everyone. My new short story, Seize The High Ground, is now available for less than a cup of coffee! A mere 99 cents. Here’s a brief description. Commander Uriel Boyd has a problem. He needs to rescue the ship’s … Continue reading

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The Future of Carriers

I’ve been thinking a lot about aircraft carriers, and their future. With nations developing HGVes (Hypersonic Glide Vehicles), capable of striking anywhere in the world, I wonder how long the reign of supercarriers like Ford-class will continue. Several decades more, … Continue reading

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Know Your Eggs

Police warning tape encircled the small park. Detective Prine and Police Sergeant Hadwell looked over the grisly scene. “According to witnesses,” said Hadwell, flipping through his notebook. “Monsieur Penoit was making an exotic omelette for a party.” Prine placed hands … Continue reading

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Growth Spurt

Jeanie saw her grandson’s feet on the ladder outside, and decided she’d had enough. She had to say something. She rang up, Patricia, Brian’s mom. “Hi mom! Is Brian enjoying his summer with you?” “He’s cleaning windows,” said Jeanie. “But … Continue reading

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Hot Air

Stephen, the balloon pilot, stepped out and kissed the ground. The balloon’s burners*, providing hot air, had failed and they began crashing to the ground. Yet, they landed safely after all. Susie, the chief ground handler, rushed up. “I thought … Continue reading

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A Rare Commodity

Mika ate the last bite. “Best tuna sandwich ever! But still, $500 is too much.” “I know,” said Bill. “But there’s chipping charges. It had to be shipped into Earth orbit.” “Yeah.” “Then through the hypergate to Ross 154. And … Continue reading

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The State Secret

Senator Hayworth was unknown for impulsiveness. During a state visit in Bulgaria, he pointed to a flower-like fountain. “What’s that?” “A gift from the aliens,” said Frank, Chief Advisor. Natalie, the Deputy Advisor, said, “It’s an alien/worm hybrid. Only once … Continue reading

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Diverse Thinking in the Time of Coronavirus

In the time of Coronavirus, Americans are doing a great job…of frustrating the heck out of each other. Not only because we’re cooped up in the house with each other more than usual, but because we think and act so … Continue reading

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Battle of the Bands

Inside an invisible alien ship, General Fan’Alba looked down on the human music festival. He turned to his primary commander, Rab’Kalla. “Stop worrying. We’ve defeated one-hundred alien worlds. Music is critical to us and the center of our strength. In … Continue reading

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