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I like looking at the serious subjects in the news and seeking the lighter side of the issue. I love satire and spoofs. I see the ridiculous side of things all the time, and my goal is to share that light-hearted view.

Realistic Combat: Better Is No Guarantee

I recently realized that some science fiction readers and also those curious about the machines of war sometimes have a skewed notion about how military systems should be compared. I find this by reading people’s thoughts about books/movies I know … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business

Violet’s husband, George, hated her live-in sister’s parrot, Bobo. Violet hated the animal too, who cursed most vilely. George had sworn an oath to kill it someday. Three years slipped by after George’s untimely death, but since then a falcon … Continue reading

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An Unreported Affect

As I stared at my own reflection in the window, I took pity on him. Of course, he didn’t reflect anything at all. “It must be frustrating,” I said. “Stuck like that.” “You have no idea,” said the cloud of … Continue reading

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Spaceship Shields in Science Fiction

The Necessity of Shields in Space In so many science fiction stories involving spaceships, they almost always include shields on the vessels. Even in a real world scenario they’re important to have. Outside the protective magnetosphere and atmosphere of our … Continue reading

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The Hard Life

My interview with famed monster killer, Gepard Baptiste, proved quite bizarre. Often, he paused to shoot out the cafe window, killing slobbering beasts with too many mouths, tentacles, and bat wings. “It’s a hard life,” said Baptiste, devouring a spoonful … Continue reading

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The Strangest Case

FBI agents Dunbar and McKinney stood on the dock near the boat in question. The pizza deliveryman had long since fled his bicycle in terror. After the deliveryman’s outrageous claims, the two X-File cases agents had been dispatched . Both … Continue reading

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The Workaround

Beside the door, a string of garlic hung. An older woman answered the door. “Yes?” “Good evening!” said Bill. “I’m Bill. This is Joseph. Can we interest you in home security?” “It’s nighttime!” “Never too late for security, madame. May … Continue reading

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Necessary Things

Randy sat beside a blanket with assorted objects he hoped to sell. The small business supported him pretty well through his homelessness. He’d been drug-free for five years, but now he wondered if those years eating magic mushrooms was coming … Continue reading

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The Obvious Faux-pas

Elaine loved shopping at Down Island Traders. Despite the rustic exterior, everyone in the “in-crowd” shopped there. As she entered, she stopped, shocked by what she saw. The woman sitting at a table with a latte obviously had antennae, and … Continue reading

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The Measure of an Alien

The first known human-alien amalgamation occurred in Roanoke, VA in 1879. The wealthy widow, Imelda Pitts, had been wooed by bachelors from across the county, desiring her mostly for her money. The men organized demonstrations of physical strength before her … Continue reading

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