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I like looking at the serious subjects in the news and seeking the lighter side of the issue. I love satire and spoofs. I see the ridiculous side of things all the time, and my goal is to share that light-hearted view.

Necessary Things

Randy sat beside a blanket with assorted objects he hoped to sell. The small business supported him pretty well through his homelessness. He’d been drug-free for five years, but now he wondered if those years eating magic mushrooms was coming … Continue reading

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The Obvious Faux-pas

Elaine loved shopping at Down Island Traders. Despite the rustic exterior, everyone in the “in-crowd” shopped there. As she entered, she stopped, shocked by what she saw. The woman sitting at a table with a latte obviously had antennae, and … Continue reading

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The Measure of an Alien

The first known human-alien amalgamation occurred in Roanoke, VA in 1879. The wealthy widow, Imelda Pitts, had been wooed by bachelors from across the county, desiring her mostly for her money. The men organized demonstrations of physical strength before her … Continue reading

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Do Walking Tanks Make Sense?

I can recall back in the day when I watched “The Empire Strikes Back” in the theater. To this day, my favorite scene in the movie was the AT-ATs. I’d never before imagined a giant walking tank. My mouth fell … Continue reading

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Tourists “I think his communication skills were poor,” said Pol’Hy’Stin. His antennae flit back and forth, tasting the air. “It must be,” agreed Gol’Na’Shul. “We’ve had no trouble at all.” Pol’Hy’Stin returned from taking yet another picture with fellow tourists. … Continue reading

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Tank Design

Combat reporter Bryce Monoghan peered between the train cars. At five-kilometers he could easily see the thirty-meter tall, alien walking war machine. “Aren’t you terrified?” he said. Lieutenant Cohen said, “No. Why?” “Well, it’s huge, imposing, threatening.” “Yep. It’s very … Continue reading

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The True Muse

Brenna found the strange paints in a curio store. She thought it her muse encouraging her to paint a horrific demon. Then the creature stepped out of the canvas. Weeks later, Ankhpethylax demanded she create another minion for it. Exhausted, … Continue reading

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Critical Equipment

Jennylyn found the package outside the lab. She brought it in, wondering what it was. Professor Blumquist was elated. “At last! The very thing I need to combat this pandemic,” said Blumquist. As the new lab assistant, Jennylyn still wasn’t … Continue reading

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Seize The High Ground

Hey everyone. My new short story, Seize The High Ground, is now available for less than a cup of coffee! A mere 99 cents. Here’s a brief description. Commander Uriel Boyd has a problem. He needs to rescue the ship’s … Continue reading

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The Future of Carriers

I’ve been thinking a lot about aircraft carriers, and their future. With nations developing HGVes (Hypersonic Glide Vehicles), capable of striking anywhere in the world, I wonder how long the reign of supercarriers like Ford-class will continue. Several decades more, … Continue reading

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