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I like looking at the serious subjects in the news and seeking the lighter side of the issue. I love satire and spoofs. I see the ridiculous side of things all the time, and my goal is to share that light-hearted view.

The Welcoming Present

Aliens Ixtlan and Yltec stood beneath the micro-brewery’s broken pipe, fish-like mouths agape to catch the torrent of fluid. Up until now, the highly touted human beer hadn’t impressed, but this was different. “Amazing!” said Ixtlan. “I’ve never tasted anything … Continue reading

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What Really Happened

Huntsman Jurgen found the missing children in the witch’s gingerbread house. Safe and comfortable, Hansel and Gretel were cutting vegetables at the table. “She wanted to fatten us up on candy, then eat us,” said Hansel. “Not for us,” said … Continue reading

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The New Guy

“The portal!” shouted Valeleaf, flying his moth straight into the streetlamp. It’s just a streetlamp,” called Thistlehorn. He sighed. Secret missions into the human world were tough enough, but their portal back home had moved. Add to it, Fae knew … Continue reading

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The Strongest Defense

Brzilit’Ang walked with his bags up the stairs to his apartment. He stripped out of his human shell and unfurled ten tentacles. At the hyperspace signalling computer, he sent a message to the invasion fleet: Earth defenses still too powerful. … Continue reading

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Plausible Animal Behavior

I love watching movies with dinosaurs. The CGI these days is so impressive, the dinos look like living animals. Unfortunately, as I get on a dino kick and watch through my collection, the behavior of the animals in some of … Continue reading

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The Weak Spot

The armies of sixteen nations struck at the rampaging alien machine. They tried bombs, lasers, microwave weapons, achieving nothing. Finally, they dispatched Colonel Connelly Ekstrum. Known for being cool under fire, he stood still as the ten-story tall machine stepped … Continue reading

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Fishing Claus

The elf, Leafway, sighed. At Santa’s traditional summer home, his “Gone Fishin’” sign ominously read just, “Gone.” The hunt for Santa Claus was on. After weeks of searching, the elf Hollybranch reported in. Leafway answered his FTL vidphone. “What’s up?” … Continue reading

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Practical Expectations of a Mars Colony

Recently, a friend brought an article about a Martian colony to my attention. Being the lover of space and science fiction that I am, the title hardly encouraged me. Humans Will Never Colonize Mars offers the rather gloomy impression that … Continue reading

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The Whistleblower

I expected a whistleblower case. I met her at the boardwalk. Esmerelda sat looking at the gantry where humanity’s first interstellar spaceship took off. “It was a small design firm,” she said. “Everyone did lots of jobs. He hired me … Continue reading

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2020 Blues

Max and Archie ran into the house to avoid the hail of meteorites bombarding Earth. “We should never have time-traveled here,” wailed Archie. “2020 is the worst year ever.” “Not to worry,” said Max. “I’ll get us out. We’ll find … Continue reading

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