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I like looking at the serious subjects in the news and seeking the lighter side of the issue. I love satire and spoofs. I see the ridiculous side of things all the time, and my goal is to share that light-hearted view.

The Head Will Roll

Henry Wilchert made money the old-fashioned way; with cost overruns and outrageous product prices. He wanted to expand out of pharmaceuticals and into defense contracts. So he toured SpiderArmor before his hostile takeover. Company owner, Gavin DuPuy, showed off the … Continue reading

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Voracious Predatory Beast

Constable Earhart was showing the rookie around. He pointed to a giant snail on a window. “That’s an alien snail. It comes from a planet full of voracious predatory beasts.” “Seems slow,” said rookie Constable Billingsly. “It is. Yesterday, it … Continue reading

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The Conquered

General Al’Purathon slouched before the open fire pit. “We traveled four-hundred light-years as conquerors,” he murmured. “Our ships are indestructible, our weapons irresistible. Yet with our finest warriors, Earth has laid us low.” Angrily, he placed a marshmallow on a … Continue reading

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Overdoing It

Bryce Martinsyde, Chief Instructor of Espionage, gazed at the door with dismay. “Trainee Wilkinson habitually overdoes things,” he said. “I asked him to put tape on this door as a signal.” Mr. Blumenthal, Director of Covert Education, looked at the … Continue reading

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The Hope

The consciousness of Nyar’Ka’Shaggonon waited in the clear ovoids. The last chance for the ancient god’s rebirth required only that the “eggs” be submerged in water. The monster would be reborn and conquer all humanity once more. Then Mary-Lou Halbeck … Continue reading

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Rapid Evolution

Aboard an alien starship, Captain Xom mourned for Agent Yuwl. “The humans in Smithtown, Alabama mistook him for a goat and ate him.” “Far worse than that,” howled Scientist Pewf. “His unusual DNA might’ve combined with humans to create a … Continue reading

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The Signal

Gerald sat before his his laptop and patted the strange-looking ball beside it. “With my antennae, I’ve homed in on the signal.” “What signal?” said Bryce, munching on Doritos. “From the alien ship. I conducted a study and proved this … Continue reading

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