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Ukraine under attack by Russia

I stand with Ukraine, and condemn Russia’s illegal war. Below, a Ukrainian woman gives a Russian soldier a piece of her mind. God bless her, she’s got balls. Rumors abound about “The Ghost of Kyiv”. A Ukrainian Mig-29 pilot apparently … Continue reading

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The Future of Carriers

I’ve been thinking a lot about aircraft carriers, and their future. With nations developing HGVes (Hypersonic Glide Vehicles), capable of striking anywhere in the world, I wonder how long the reign of supercarriers like Ford-class will continue. Several decades more, … Continue reading

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Details make It Interesting

Online, I’ve found myself in many debates with other writers about technical details versus character development. When I’m listening (reading actually) to someone’s argument that a story lacking the human element is no story at all, I find I must … Continue reading

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Majesty and Motion

Hey everyone. I’m considering changing my book cover. The current one is plastered all over my blog right now. I assembled it from bits of this and that, but looking at it now and comparing it to covers in the … Continue reading

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What Service Should Manage Spaceships?

Welcome everyone. You know Momus News as a bastion of humor, whimsy, and general silliness. But today I want to ask the question, “What service should manage spaceships?” I read a lot of science fiction books about spaceships, especially those … Continue reading

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Two Feelings about the Paris Attacks

I have mixed feelings about the attacks on Paris yesterday. First, I feel awful for the families of the victims. My heartfelt condolences and support go out to them. I hope that French security forces will successfully stop any follow … Continue reading

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ISIL: International Trash Disposal

ARLINGTON, VA – Recently, a shocking new viewpoint from a Pentagon-funded think tank revealed itself. While many are dismayed by the number of Westerners joining ISIL, some government think tanks are now saying ‘good riddance’ to Americans and Britons joining … Continue reading

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Going Flying

When I’m not thinking up crazy stories or taking pictures of nature, I like to go flying. As a huge fan of military aviation and history, I enjoy flight simming. Thanks to Thirdwire and their amazing flight simulator, I can … Continue reading

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Visiting Hours – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction. Good God, Alastair! If I’d known you posted a Hurricane pic, I’d have written sooner. I went a bit long (356 words) with your broader rules, but I couldn’t help it as this is a … Continue reading

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Chummy and the Mercenaries

“Chummy,” the war machine–turned loyal dog–has quickly become one of my favorite characters. Here’s another story about him. *footnote is at the bottom of the page. Chummy and the Mercenaries “Get off my land,” said 15-year old Daphne Ojibwa. She … Continue reading

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