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Angelic Catch

After parachuting over Michigan from his crippled F-18E Super Hornet, Stehpen realized his parachute was damaged. He was dropping way too fast. The snowy ground rushed up fast and… He awoke staring into a beautiful woman’s face. As his eyes … Continue reading

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Whiteout – Sunday Photo Fiction

Whiteout Twenty minutes had passed when he realized she hadn’t returned. One thought immediately struck him. Does she have it with her? Barry remembered giving Tawnee the angel at Christmas. His moccasins sat beside her hiking boots before the fireplace. … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

This week’s photo challenge is: Twinkle. I usually try to be creative as possible for these prompts, but I seem to be distracted. I’m going with the obvious this time around. Here are some photos from last year’s Christmas complete … Continue reading

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Fumble-Fingers – Grammar Ghoul Press

Fumble-Fingers The figure in black looked across the Colorado River from the pedestrian bridge. It was sunny and the light played across the water as kayaks drifted by below. Swallows in orange and blue livery flitted past. It could have … Continue reading

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The Last Practical Joke – Write at the Merge

Written for Write at the Merge. A story about the cost of practical jokes begins after the photo. Genre: Humor The Last Practical Joke The woman was stunning, though her pupilless grey eyes were unsettling. Another clue that Dorian was … Continue reading

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