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Hannah’s Hobbies

Hannah is much like us. She has a lot of hobbies and is developing new ones. Here’s just a few. Hannah put this look together all by herself. She is a fashionista. We’re so happy Hannah is developing an interest … Continue reading

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Latest Hannah Pics

My daughter Hannah is far more comfortable with getting her picture taken now. She even poses sometimes. Perhaps it’s the relentless picture-taking of her parents that finally got her used to it. I’m pretty sure her quirky sense of humor … Continue reading

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Hannah’s Mother’s Day Faves

Here’s a collection of Hannah’s favorite pics for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Fun with Hannah

Hannah is eight months old now. More and more of her personality is coming out all the time. I think she’s getting used to her paparazzi parents. She doesn’t go blank as much when we aim a camera at her. … Continue reading

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Hannah’s Pumpkin Diapers

Shey came up with a brilliant way to celebrate the Fall season…with a picture shoot of course! Shey set this up in our living room and Hannah actually played along pretty well. I’m sure the goddess Demeter swaddled her daughter … Continue reading

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Hannah And Us

Hannah is getting bigger all the time and more and more of her personality is coming out. We’re constantly learning new ways to entertain her and help her grow. Her she is with us. Mommy is such a comfort. Mommy … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

This week in the Weekly Photo Challenge, the topic is: Change. Glass Blowing Hummingbird mother waiting for her chicks to hatch Juvenile Robin, slowing becoming an adult Waiting for the little one to come. And here she is.

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Hannah’s Modeling Session

Hannah is three months old now and still getting used to the camera. I think she’s wondering why we keep trying to hide behind these tiny black boxes ( cameras ) when it’s really obvious where we are. She’s smiling … Continue reading

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Hannah’s New Doo

Hannah loves her baths. I think it’s mostly because she ends up with a spiffy new hairdo. I don’t know why, but Hannah thought this was pretty comfortable. I haven’t been this flexible for years. Mommy can be really goofy … Continue reading

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Diary Of A Newborn

Diary Of A Newborn Day 30. My parents are all excited. They’re calling today my birthday already. Sheesh! Such sentimentalists. They keep hanging around my crib all the time wearing these silly smiles. What’s that about? I’m tryin’ to sleep! … Continue reading

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