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Just Pics For Fun

Found some fun pics on my camera to share. I even found some on my camera taken by Shey. When that moment of a beautiful picture arrives, you grab whatever camera is handy. Playing catch with Hannah and her hat. … Continue reading

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Global Big Day

Sorry for no stories the past few days. Shey and I participated in Global Big Day. Each May, birdwatchers around the globe, “flock” to the countryside to count as many bird species as they can find. This year the goal … Continue reading

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Latest Bird Pics

It’s been a while since I posted any birding pics, so here goes. Wood Duck Belted Kingfisher Blue-Headed Vireo (with lunch) Northern Shovelers (contemplating life) Eared Grebe Crested Caracara It’s kinda spooky when predators are watching you.

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Raptor Day

We enjoyed a terrific birding day the other day. We’re happy if we see one bird of prey in a day. On this day we saw five, and three different species. Best of all some of them allowed us to … Continue reading

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Media Genius

Bob Smith’s Youtube videos on proper care of pet birds all went viral.  Videos on bird care weren’t new. The format was. “Piper the bird” delivered the entire narration while being held by Bob. Bob never appeared which made the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

This week in the Weekly Photo Challenge, the topic is: Change. Glass Blowing Hummingbird mother waiting for her chicks to hatch Juvenile Robin, slowing becoming an adult Waiting for the little one to come. And here she is.

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Cee’s Fun Foto: Sense of Seeing

This week at Cee’s Fun Foto challenge the topic is: Sense of Seeing. So we’re looking for what delights or stimulates visually. I guess this is why anyone gets into photography. There’s so much beauty out there. There’s a drive … Continue reading

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