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Maximum (Effective) Laser Range

When I began writing, The Huralon Incident, I wanted to figure what would be a plausible “effective range” of future military lasers. I dug into Google and started researching. The number of different, and often contradictory answers, I found were … Continue reading

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Reaction Engines in Space Opera

Continuing on in essays about Science Fiction, Momus News wonders: Do reaction engines have a place in Space Opera? Short answer: No. Reaction Engines What are reaction engines? According to Newton’s Third Law, “For every action, there is an equal … Continue reading

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What Service Should Manage Spaceships?

Welcome everyone. You know Momus News as a bastion of humor, whimsy, and general silliness. But today I want to ask the question, “What service should manage spaceships?” I read a lot of science fiction books about spaceships, especially those … Continue reading

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Oversexed Pundits and Unfriendly Skies

A lot has been going on in the news, and that leads me to a wish for the future. First, some background. For years, Bill O’Reilly ruled the airwaves from fortress Fox News. From the safety of that rampart, he … Continue reading

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