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Mindbending Camouflage

Tony Hillsdale was an expert naturalist. He often led tours through the internationally known Markham Forest. “This forest is a biologist’s dream,” explained Tony. “For reasons not yet understood, the animals here are evolving far faster than anywhere else. This … Continue reading

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The Horse Spy

Atticus Caravaggio couldn’t believe his eyes. What happened at the edge of the Wild Horse herd shouldn’t be possible. Moving as silently as possible within his hastily-constructed hide, he reviewed the film. He hadn’t hallucinated after all. He turned another … Continue reading

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Superior Animals

Detective Givens brought research biologist Leigh Vereen with him to the scene. One look in the shattered doorway made him regret asking her along. The petite blond noted his anxiety. “What?” she said. “It’s a bloody mess in there, and … Continue reading

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The Research

Doctor Ethan Ford sat on a park bench beside the stream. He watched a mother duck leading her ducklings into the water and new experiences. Periodically, Ethan muttered an observation about them into his small recorder. His neighbor, Desmond Knowles … Continue reading

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Changes – Mutant 750: Grammar Ghoul Press

Changes Sometimes it all goes wrong in the worst way possible. Various events combine to create a positive feedback loop. Each unforeseen failure exacerbating the previous catastrophe. It was probably unwise for Jerry Montcrief to leave the time machine running. … Continue reading

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The Error – Alastair’s Photo Fiction 23Jun13

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction.┬áStory begins after the image. Genre: Science Fiction The Error Irshallis was born misshapen. His siblings called him, “The Error.” The adults expected he would die soon. He never kept up when hunting parties swam to … Continue reading

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