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Invisible British Tank Missing

BRISTOL, UK – Filton’s Fonthill Park recently became the “sight” of swarms of white-coated BAE engineers and Army officers swinging sticks around and generally stepping gingerly through bushes and groves of trees. It may seem like a farcical play put … Continue reading

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Kimchi Denied: US-South Korean Exercises in Jeopardy

In response to the planned US-South Korea naval exercises this month, North Korea plans to influence the Kimchi and Bulgogi export markets, thereby denying US naval crews access to the food. “Even though North Korea has recently taken an aggressive … Continue reading

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Iran’s Stealth Fighter Disappears

TEHRAN – In a stunning development Iran’s newest stealth fighter, the Qaher-313, has been stolen directly from the flight line during tests.”We had just fueled up and were getting ready to spin up the engine,” said an incredulous Hadya Harari, … Continue reading

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