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Hannah’s Modeling Session

Hannah is three months old now and still getting used to the camera. I think she’s wondering why we keep trying to hide behind these tiny black boxes ( cameras ) when it’s really obvious where we are. She’s smiling … Continue reading

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Bonding With Mommy

Perhaps we shouldn’t be poking through the personal diary of our 7-week old daughter, but you know there’s some interesting stuff in there. Just have a look at the following. Mommy is pretty cool. I’ve decided to let her sleep … Continue reading

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Diary Of A Newborn

Diary Of A Newborn Day 30. My parents are all excited. They’re calling today my birthday already. Sheesh! Such sentimentalists. They keep hanging around my crib all the time wearing these silly smiles. What’s that about? I’m tryin’ to sleep! … Continue reading

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Gimme Steak! – Chimera 66

Gimme Steak! As the plane broke up in midair, Jake thought, “I should’ve ordered the steak.” He awoke driving a pod with a wriggling tail. A homunculus streaking towards a glowing orb. Jake awoke to blinding lights, wishing for that … Continue reading

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