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Just Pics For Fun

Found some fun pics on my camera to share. I even found some on my camera taken by Shey. When that moment of a beautiful picture arrives, you grab whatever camera is handy. Playing catch with Hannah and her hat. … Continue reading

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Global Big Day

Sorry for no stories the past few days. Shey and I participated in Global Big Day. Each May, birdwatchers around the globe, “flock” to the countryside to count as many bird species as they can find. This year the goal … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Bluebonnets

It’s Spring and the Bluebonnets are blooming. They only last a few weeks. Shey and I rushed out to photograph the beautiful flowers before they disappeared. Of course, that led to photographing anything and everything during the joyous time of … Continue reading

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Latest Bird Pics

It’s been a while since I posted any birding pics, so here goes. Wood Duck Belted Kingfisher Blue-Headed Vireo (with lunch) Northern Shovelers (contemplating life) Eared Grebe Crested Caracara It’s kinda spooky when predators are watching you.

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Peach Blossoms

Recently we ventured up North to see the Peach Blossoms at Sweet Eats Fruit Farm. The blossoms only appear for a short while, so we had to rush up there while we could. This being a farm and all, chickens … Continue reading

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Hannah’s Hobbies

Hannah is much like us. She has a lot of hobbies and is developing new ones. Here’s just a few. Hannah put this look together all by herself. She is a fashionista. We’re so happy Hannah is developing an interest … Continue reading

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Raptor Day

We enjoyed a terrific birding day the other day. We’re happy if we see one bird of prey in a day. On this day we saw five, and three different species. Best of all some of them allowed us to … Continue reading

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It’s Hannah Time

Latest pics of our favorite model of all time. “It’s the most awesomest ever!” “Have a look at my flowers.” “You are mine…all mine.” “Did I mention my favorite color is pink?” “It’s fun hanging out with Mom.”

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Hannah’s First Snow

The night after I write a story about Winter, and how it can be different in different places, we get snow in Texas. Snow does fall once in a while here, but it’s rare. This was a special day because … Continue reading

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The Last Photo

Monique loved photography and loved traveling. Having an interstellar ship provided ample opportunity for both. She stopped at Gamma Petreon to refuel. While she waited she roamed the orbital habitat. Happily, she discovered a fellow photography buff reselling cameras in … Continue reading

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