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The Whistleblower

I expected a whistleblower case. I met her at the boardwalk. Esmerelda sat looking at the gantry where humanity’s first interstellar spaceship took off. “It was a small design firm,” she said. “Everyone did lots of jobs. He hired me … Continue reading

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Seize The High Ground

Hey everyone. My new short story, Seize The High Ground, is now available for less than a cup of coffee! A mere 99 cents. Here’s a brief description. Commander Uriel Boyd has a problem. He needs to rescue the ship’s … Continue reading

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The Future of Carriers

I’ve been thinking a lot about aircraft carriers, and their future. With nations developing HGVes (Hypersonic Glide Vehicles), capable of striking anywhere in the world, I wonder how long the reign of supercarriers like Ford-class will continue. Several decades more, … Continue reading

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Details make It Interesting

Online, I’ve found myself in many debates with other writers about technical details versus character development. When I’m listening (reading actually) to someone’s argument that a story lacking the human element is no story at all, I find I must … Continue reading

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Majesty and Motion

Hey everyone. I’m considering changing my book cover. The current one is plastered all over my blog right now. I assembled it from bits of this and that, but looking at it now and comparing it to covers in the … Continue reading

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Christmas for Santa

Things were looking grim for Christmas. Santa’s sleigh (actually a Kawanika Ka-393 starship) was breaking down all over. The aptulintian projectors were caked with hablinkat residue, and the intchatachol kazumitors were flexing into the metapuliting fields and causing an arrhythmic … Continue reading

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Free Book Giveaway!

It’s Christmas and time for the spirit of giving! For three days from Saturday Dec 21 to Dec 23, 2019 my Space Opera/Action-Adventure/Science Fiction book, “The Huralon Incident” is FREE! That’s FREE for Three Days Only! Captain Evander McCray and … Continue reading

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My New Book – The Huralon Incident

The Huralon Incident My new book is finally available! If you attend my blog regularly, you know I write a lot of flash fiction. Well, this is my first foray into full-length novels. This more serious than my usual works, … Continue reading

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Keep It Simple, Stupid

Little Brian and a lawyer were the only people in the park when a spaceship landed. An alien emerged, held up a silvery device, and said, “With this I can grant any desire. What would you like little boy?” Brian … Continue reading

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The Signal

Gerald sat before his his laptop and patted the strange-looking ball beside it. “With my antennae, I’ve homed in on the signal.” “What signal?” said Bryce, munching on Doritos. “From the alien ship. I conducted a study and proved this … Continue reading

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