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Realistic Combat: Better Is No Guarantee

I recently realized that some science fiction readers and also those curious about the machines of war sometimes have a skewed notion about how military systems should be compared. I find this by reading people’s thoughts about books/movies I know … Continue reading

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Spaceship Shields in Science Fiction

The Necessity of Shields in Space In so many science fiction stories involving spaceships, they almost always include shields on the vessels. Even in a real world scenario they’re important to have. Outside the protective magnetosphere and atmosphere of our … Continue reading

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Maximum (Effective) Laser Range

When I began writing, The Huralon Incident, I wanted to figure what would be a plausible “effective range” of future military lasers. I dug into Google and started researching. The number of different, and often contradictory answers, I found were … Continue reading

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What Service Should Manage Spaceships?

Welcome everyone. You know Momus News as a bastion of humor, whimsy, and general silliness. But today I want to ask the question, “What service should manage spaceships?” I read a lot of science fiction books about spaceships, especially those … Continue reading

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The Conquered

General Al’Purathon slouched before the open fire pit. “We traveled four-hundred light-years as conquerors,” he murmured. “Our ships are indestructible, our weapons irresistible. Yet with our finest warriors, Earth has laid us low.” Angrily, he placed a marshmallow on a … Continue reading

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It is a myth that that the sciences of all emerging civilizations advance at the same rate. Energies great enough to power a city can be harnessed by six rubber bands, a soda can, and a quartz crystal. So it … Continue reading

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The Diplomatic War – Super-Short Mega Story

The Diplomatic War The blue clouds in the sky flashed orange as another ship blew up. Neil’s hand shook as he brought the beer to his lips. “What was that?” he asked. Sitting beside him in the other lawn chair, … Continue reading

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