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The Battle Plan

General Hawkins spoke on the phone as he walked through the creche of Earth’s last-living humans. “We’re out of time. We’ll never survive the alien assault.” Just then, a little girl pulled his sleeve and pointed to toys she’d arranged … Continue reading

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Realistic Combat: Better Is No Guarantee

I recently realized that some science fiction readers and also those curious about the machines of war sometimes have a skewed notion about how military systems should be compared. I find this by reading people’s thoughts about books/movies I know … Continue reading

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As bullets whined overhead, Jared realized the glow in HIS eyes couldn’t be faked. “Why do you let this happen?” asked Jared, accusingly. HE said, “It’s your choice.” Jared thought that was cryptic. No help at all. Sighing, he reloaded … Continue reading

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