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Details make It Interesting

Online, I’ve found myself in many debates with other writers about technical details versus character development. When I’m listening (reading actually) to someone’s argument that a story lacking the human element is no story at all, I find I must … Continue reading

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Technobabble Versus Technical Description

Continuing on in the Momus News essays, let us consider the differences between technobabble and technical description. I’ve been a technically-minded person for most of my adult life. I’ve made my living developing databases and refining web-based user interfaces. All … Continue reading

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Taking A Break, But I’ll Be Back

Hey Folks, Thanks for stopping by occasionally and checking in. I appreciate that a lot. I haven’t been writing much lately because I’m just taking a break. I thought when Hannah got a little older she would be more independent … Continue reading

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True Woman – The Speakeasy

Written for the Speakeasy. True Woman Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold. Snow still fell in April. Heedless of the slick surface, Janice Patton still exceeded the speed limit down the winding Pennsylvania road to work as she would … Continue reading

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The Great Mistake – Alastair’s Photo Fiction – 05-05-13

Each week, Alastair Forbes presents image for a writing prompt. The goal is to write a 150 word or less short story based upon the picture. Anyone is invited to join this group of intrepid writers. Please visit Alastair’s page … Continue reading

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Worried about Jango

“How’s the new sculpture going?” Asked Jaynie as she walked into her husband’s studio. “It’s almost there,” said Glenn. “Just a few more strips and I’ll be done. A bit messy though.” He held up hands covered with greasy goop. … Continue reading

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