My New Book – The Huralon Incident

The Huralon Incident

My new book is finally available! If you attend my blog regularly, you know I write a lot of flash fiction. Well, this is my first foray into full-length novels. This more serious than my usual works, but there is still humor. I just can’t stay serious for too long. There’s a love affair as well for you romance lovers, and if you already know how I feel about politicians, well that’s in there too. I packed a lot of stuff into this, and I hope you’ll give it a read. Here’s some more about it.

“The Huralon Incident” is a tale of the first combat cruise of the ESS Springbok. Designed from the keel up to be a Q-Ship (a disguised armed merchant), the ship is packed with the finest technology Elysian engineers could muster.
Commanding her is Captain Evander McCray, a veteran of the war who ruffled too many Admiralty feathers during peacetime. He gets one last chance to redeem himself with Springbok, but the straightforward anti-piracy mission proves to be anything but simple.

McCray soon uncovers an audacious plot formed by an adversary nation and the corrupt politicians of his own nation. Before he is done, he’ll face a firefight on the ground he has no idea how to fight and the possibility of losing the woman he loves. He’ll face down the enemy’s latest and greatest warship design, a vessel Springbok was never designed to fight. McCray will employ tactics he never considered possible before, just to survive.

If you like spaceship combat, espionage, nanotechnology, and techno-thrillers check this one out.

The Huralon Incident

About EagleAye

I like looking at the serious subjects in the news and seeking the lighter side of the issue. I love satire and spoofs. I see the ridiculous side of things all the time, and my goal is to share that light-hearted view.
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17 Responses to My New Book – The Huralon Incident

  1. Congrats and good luck!

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  2. JM Williams says:

    Congratulations. That’s great news. I just grabbed my copy. Any plan to do a print version?

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  3. List of X says:

    Already bought and already finished. And already left a 5 star review 🙂 Honestly, I’ve read sci-fi classics I didn’t enjoy as much as your book.
    What I didn’t find believable, actually, was how much certain officers of a totalitarian regime were questioning the regime. Having lived a part of my life in a country that was a partial inspiration for DPM, I would think that it would be nearly impossible for an officer to rise through the ranks while harboring internal opposition to the regime – they either get reported and punished, or they tend not to make a wholehearted effort in doing the regime’s bidding or kissing the regime’s ass to get promoted.
    I also noticed a few typos – but I don’t know it it’s possible to fix them now.

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    • EagleAye says:

      That’s awesome. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the DPM was modeled after several totalitarian nations. Obviously you’d know more about it than me, but there have been a number of defections from the USSR and the DPRK. The case of Viktor Belenko comes to mind immediately. In 1976 Russia wouldn’t let just anybody fly their new superweapon, but Belenko still defected to Japan in his (then mysterious and terrifying) Mig-25. Despite what logic would suggest, people still defect. I still don’t know why westerners would join ISIS, but they do. That’s a topic that’s being explored in the next book. By the way if you can show me where those typos are, it’s not too late to fix them. I don’t see your review yet (maybe your review is getting reviewed by Amazon?) but thanks so much for leaving it. I really appreciate it. 🙂


  4. I just wanted to drop by and congratulate you on your book! It looks like it’s doing well, and you’re continuing to crank out stories. I’m very happy for you; you deserve it.

    I’m going to check it out as soon as I can figure out how to get my kindle working. Amazon has taken to delivering my stuff to our neighbors–purely at random–and so I have them on temporary exile. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to grab a copy.

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  5. I read this book last week and I loved it; it’s just about a perfect sci-fi book as far as I’m concerned! I also posted a review on my blog.


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