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Realistic Combat: Better Is No Guarantee

I recently realized that some science fiction readers and also those curious about the machines of war sometimes have a skewed notion about how military systems should be compared. I find this by reading people’s thoughts about books/movies I know … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business

Violet’s husband, George, hated her live-in sister’s parrot, Bobo. Violet hated the animal too, who cursed most vilely. George had sworn an oath to kill it someday. Three years slipped by after George’s untimely death, but since then a falcon … Continue reading

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An Unreported Affect

As I stared at my own reflection in the window, I took pity on him. Of course, he didn’t reflect anything at all. “It must be frustrating,” I said. “Stuck like that.” “You have no idea,” said the cloud of … Continue reading

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