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Universal Password – Sunday Photo Fiction

Universal Password Day 632 stuck as a werewolf. Here’s my story in a nutshell. February 2, 2023: Magic returns to the world. Spells that were only quaint and amusing before suddenly worked. I found a spell that would “temporarily” turn … Continue reading

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Saving a Friend – Grammar Ghoul Press

Saving a Friend Scorpions set about hunting prey. Beetles foraged in the sands. A sidewinder moved in its curious sideways slither, and a mouse slumbered in its hole. All was well with the desert and its inhabitants. They carried on … Continue reading

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Three Tests Of A Knight – Picture It & Write

Three Tests Of A Knight Jenny didn’t exactly trust Benjamin to lead the way. He was no outdoorsman. His pasty complexion was proof of that. And how good could his peripheral vision be with those glasses? Despite all that, she … Continue reading

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Good Book – Friday Fictioneers

Good Book Marcus thrust BlazeBlood into the heart of the dragon. The mighty beast burst into flame and perished. The Lady Amnebon was safe. “Marcus!” Marcus awoke sitting on the floor. A book sat in his lap from the library … Continue reading

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Dance Instruction – Mondays Finish The Story

Dance Instruction “Dance as if no one is watching!” they always said, but Renee never found the knack for it. After she tripped again, Gabriel said, “I’m tired, Hon. Let’s just listen.” They both loved Stan Getz, but Renee knew … Continue reading

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Madman – Sunday Photo Fiction

Madman Pam yanked on her leg to pull it out of the deep mud. She was tired and dirty, but she’d been in worse situations. The difference was, it had meant something before. “C’mon, c’mon. Hurry up!” stage whispered Ken … Continue reading

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Zeus Grapes – Grammar Ghoul Press

Zeus Grapes Donnie Durian smiled as he rented a shuttle at the entry port of Space Habitat Ha-37. He was anxious to see his friend, Professor Vernon Adopoulus, after many years. His anticipation didn’t stop him from enjoying the lush … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

This week’s photo challenge is: Angular. I typically take nature photos so you don’t see much that’s angular there. Straight lines are most commonly the creation of people. Still, many of Humanity’s creations are quite lovely and interesting. Here are … Continue reading

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Quitting – Friday Fictioneers

Quitting Eoghan wanted to quit the gang, but Cassidy made it clear Eoghan’s family would suffer if he did. Eoghan was stuck committing robberies. “What’s wrong?” said Cassidy from the tires outside. Eoghan shut the garage door. “There’s a big … Continue reading

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Paying Tuition Fees – Mondays Finish The Story

Paying Tuition Fees When I rented the room, I did not think it would be this one! Worse, the one window looked out onto this tiny outhouse, fit only for dwarves. I shouldn’t complain. I could barely afford much rent … Continue reading

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