The Educated

Ejikeme stood beside the great white hunters at the waterfalls of Gurara, a perilous crossing.

“I have a craft that will safely take us across,” said Ejikeme.

Mr. Dowding, leader of the hunting party smirked, “Oh really?”

“Yes. Made it myself.”

Dowding snorted and whispered to his companions, “Probably a dugout canoe. You know how uneducated these natives can be.”

Eschewing Ejikeme’s offer, the hunters opted for fashioning a simple rope bridge. They all crossed, but bruised and bloody and missing many pieces of equipment.

They watched slack-jawed as a huge mechanical spider began crossing. Its easily traversed the violent torrents. Inside the cab Ikemba completed another NY Times crossword puzzle. He sipped his martini and noted the scientific scribbles Ejikeme composed. “What’s that?”

“Updates for the spider’s cold fusion drive. It’s more efficient.”

“You should share cold fusion with the whites.”

“Nah. They’ll just say it can’t be done.”
Written for What Pegman Saw:

Author’s Notes:

I wonder if it’s plausible that a highly advanced civilization (like the civilization in Black Panther) could stay so hidden for so long. On the other hand, given the astonishing biases that Westerners can hold, it’s possible they had seen plenty of evidence and refused to believe it. Thus advanced tech remains hidden. It’s not real if you didn’t believe it, right?

Cold Fusion is a powerful energy source, and it has been a dream for quite some time, but many say it’s not possible:

About EagleAye

I like looking at the serious subjects in the news and seeking the lighter side of the issue. I love satire and spoofs. I see the ridiculous side of things all the time, and my goal is to share that light-hearted view.
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34 Responses to The Educated

  1. They say that most of the long-sought cures for cancer, aids, hepatitis and the flu can be found in the rainforests. Why not cold fusion arachnid transportation? Great story.

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  2. k rawson says:

    Such bias can keep people from so many things.Black Panther is still on my see-list. I was avoiding the opening crowds and managed to forget. Thanks for the reminder and the entertaining story!

    Liked by 2 people

    • EagleAye says:

      So True. I’m waiting until Black Panther gets out on Amazon or Vudu. Considering the movie’s success, I think I’ll be waiting for a while. Sucks because I’m totally itching to see it. 😉 Thanks Karen!


  3. James says:

    Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created T’Challa and Wakanda in 1966 in “The Fantastic Four” comic magazine, so the concept of hidden lands in Africa (which are practically synonymous with Edgar Rice Burroughs and his Tarzan book series), was still being used (no longer practical in the age of Google maps). Adapting such creations 50 years on might seem like a bit of a stretch, but the film is wildly popular, so I guess it worked out.

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    • EagleAye says:

      A very good analysis. I think you’re right. Maybe in 1966, you could’ve hidden an entire civilization (unlikely but possible with some imagination). Now with satellites watching over everything, no way. Still, I’m prepared to suspend belief to watch a good movie.

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      • James says:

        Remember, Silver Age comic books were written for kids, so they didn’t have to explain a lot logically. Also, Lee and Kirby were raised on those old pulp novels, so they are bound to be reflected in their classic Marvel comic book stories.

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  4. A great take on human nature. 🙂

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  5. Joy Pixley says:

    Great take on the prompt — I like how you managed to incorporate high-tech sci-fi gadgetry and also monsters (albeit of the racist human kind).

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  6. Dear Eric,

    This one made me shake my head and laugh and then cry. I’m sick of racism and bigotry and echo Rodney King. Ah well. I raise my unspewed coffee to you this morning. L’chaim and happy holidays.



    Liked by 2 people

    • EagleAye says:

      Me too. That’s why I like and write stories like this one. I want to throw it back into the face of racists. I’ll get that coffee yet, but until then Happy Holidays back at you! 🙂

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  7. Oh, I wonder how many times arrogant humans ~ no matter their race ~ have snubbed those that are smarter than they are. You really captured that.


  8. pennygadd51 says:

    What fun! I particularly liked the last line.

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  9. Dale says:

    This was a wonderful take, Eric. The superior attitudes of the whites is so gratingly annoying. And so sadly the “norm”. Kudos to Ejikeme for seeing it like it is and moving forward despite them,

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  10. Lynn Love says:

    I think these young men are going a long way! Great tale and had me smiling

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  11. List of X says:

    Maybe that my inner white man speaking, but why keep a huge mechanical spider by the crossing? (It obviously didn’t travel with them as a bunch of hunters would probably notice it and tried to kill it for their trophy halls). Why not build a bridge?

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  12. draliman says:

    Ha, made me think of the amazing hidden tech city in Black Panther 🙂

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  13. lisarey1990 says:

    A really important topic really well done.

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  14. athling2001 says:

    Great story. I love that it was a spider (yuck) and not a dugout.

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