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A Memory Rejected

Evan was starting to regret bringing Julian to the museum. The boy just couldn’t relate. He pointed to a display of plants, “Julian, look! That’s grass.” Julian squinted. “Is that an herb?” “No! It used to grow everywhere. People used … Continue reading

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It’s Hannah Time

Latest pics of our favorite model of all time. “It’s the most awesomest ever!” “Have a look at my flowers.” “You are mine…all mine.” “Did I mention my favorite color is pink?” “It’s fun hanging out with Mom.”

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Keeping Warm – Gargleblaster Microstories #252

Young Samantha had learned about layering clothes. It was bitterly cold outside. George called, “My socks are gone!” Haley answered, “I’m missing Samantha’s mittens too.” “All five pairs missing?” muttered George. “Honey? Samantha doesn’t need mittens.” “Why not?” “I found … Continue reading

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