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Practical Considerations

Dr. Thorogood looked up into the sky with pride. As the sun slipped low in the sky, the pattern of clouds contrasted beautifully. “Isn’t it fantastic?” he said. “I suppose so,” said Paul Lords, tech reporter at large. “How does … Continue reading

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The Bet

The guards led former Prime Minister Gallaway through Traiter’s Gate. Senator Broughton looked smug as he walked beside him, pleased with his victory. “What’s in it for you?” said Gallaway. “You think I’ll actually reveal my plans?” snorted Broughton. The … Continue reading

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Calibration Problem

Marconi’s submarine sandwiches were already famous when the diner upgraded their kitchens. When it was done, they claimed their nanotechnology ovens recreated their traditional flavors and textures perfectly. Quincy hoped it was true. “I’ll take the Hot Six-Inch Italian,” said … Continue reading

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A Pair Of Mistakes

Dr. Ballantine looked up at the lights of the old factory with trepidation. “It was a pair of mistakes that brought us here,” he said. Former policeman Richard Cox loaded his AR-15 rifle. “Like what?” “Well, my mother-in-law hates me, … Continue reading

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When Laughing Is Dangerous

It was a beautiful day in the park, perfect for the technology fair. Colorful booths decorated with balloons and colorful signs proclaimed a plethora of innovative technologies. Perhaps the most ground-breaking technology belonged to Jeremy. Unfortunately, due to his poor … Continue reading

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Prometheus Dying – Grammar Ghoul Press

Prometheus Dying Ilya Yevenko ran as fast as his old bones could carry him. It was difficult in the deep snow of Eastern Ukraine. Behind him, the thing swirled and swooped, never following the wind as a cloud should. Ilya … Continue reading

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Enhancement – Friday Fictioneers

Written for the Friday Fictioneers. A story, about a brilliant scientific mind with an early setback, begins after the photo. Genre: Science Fiction/Humor Enhancement “Well, this is it,” said Jeremy, sadly eyeing the university archway. “I still don’t think it’s … Continue reading

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